After much combing through #GenCantContest entries, below are The Committee’s selects for semi-finalists. From these submissions, the judges will pick THREE winners. Everyone who does not win Judges Choice will still be eligible for the raffle.

Thank you for such amazing creativity with images and words. These pictures made us laugh, “awww, ” and go “hmmm…” Our community is full of awesome – and hopefully you see that reflected below.

Pictures are posted in no particular or meaningful order.


boardgameduel Boardgamin chrischeese83 CPfenton D6Sean echo354 FarmerLenny FeedMySheep HaiKujo HaiKujo2 Hann_Boe joedarts317 jononelson17 JuegaMeseros MarkPacey MClark2020 mholzma MinoIllusionist moefantasci mrs_ook OakleafGames phillier937 R4Y6UN Sarcastic_Robot skymon3k SmashingPlastic snicholson starkitten_s SteveinDenmark thechriscormier VacaBCK watcher_969 wayneong77 WhoWhatWhyCast


5 thoughts on “Semi-Finalists

  1. These are fantastic!!
    Yay! one of mine made it on! I’m surprised it wasn’t the indian food one, that was popular. 75% of these made me bust my gut laughing so you guys have chosen well. Good work on making this thing happen. It was a fantastic weekend. Totally took the sting out of not being at Gen Con.

    If I get to go to the Great Big Con in Indiana next year (now it sounds all morbid) I’ll make sure to give you guys some major prize support.


  2. Hahaha I missed the Scoville promo one on the feed! That made me laugh – Why do people misspend all that Kickstarter moolah!!! πŸ™‚

    I laugh every time I see the demo of ‘Get Out of My Office Before I Have You Fired’ and Scott’s amaze-face selfie πŸ™‚

    And Chris Headley’s precious angel who had to endure ConStalk (which was my favorite of his :)) So cute! *beep beep*

    Haha…strangely enough my own entry favorite didn’t make the list but the one that seemed to garner the most new followers did…interesting…LOL

    So many great memories and laughs – it was a great NonCon and I hope everyone made it home safely. πŸ™‚


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