Last day for the #GenCantContest

Thank you to everyone  who has submitted a photo for the #GenCantContest. They’ve ranged from images from the showroom floor to some truly unique cosplay. I hope everyone has enjoyed the conversation and humor of our UnConvention.

Due to the volume of prizes received, we will be grouping them into prize packs. At this time the plan is:

3 x Judges Choice. The Committee is reviewing all the submissions and we will vote up our top 3 favorites. Those GenCanters will each get a prize pack.

10 x Raffle. EVERYONE who submitted at least one photo to #GenCantContest will have ONE entry in the raffle. Twitter handles will be assigned a number and a will be used to draw 10 winners. Prize packs will be allocated at random but location (i.e. US vs WW) will be taken into account.


We will work through this process as fast as possible, but please note – we will likely not announce winners until Tuesday (at the earliest) primarily due to your organizer’s schedule limitations. (Sorry!)

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have at



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