Friends of GenCant2014

GenCant2014 wouldn’t exist if not for the contributions of many dear gaming community friends. Below are just some of the fine people who have assisted with prize support, publicity, and content contribution. Thanks to you all!


Sarcastic Robot

Maker of Firewall and the upcoming SchWag.



Push Your Luck Podcast

A podcast proudly made in Singapore by board game enthusiasts who want to share their passion and love for tabletop games to everyone!




Zach Cook

Honorary GenCant2014 attendee! Zach has taken charge of being our GenCon liasion and is busy networking and procuring prizes for #GenCant2014! Follow him on Twitter @ZacheryRCook. Thank you Zach!



Andreas Lopez – Ultra Wolf

Premiere On-Floor reporter for GenCant2014 with UltraNews, the press outlet of Ultra Wolf. Also creator of System Sol, Inc. Check out Andreas’ interviews of #GenCant2014 attendees!



Beau Severson – Phantom Nimbus

Creative individual. Tabletop Game Designer. Father, husband, and possibly an alien. Creator of Potions Class, which is out now on The Game Crafter.




More coming!!!


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