Hi Everyone

The internet has rallied and we’re going to run a quick and fun contest for us GenCanters. Let’s keep it light, fun, and friendly.

The Rules

1) Tweet a picture of your #GenCantContest experience for a free entry into the raffle
2) Entry MUST have the hashtag #GenCantContest
3) Our Totally Serious Committee Of Experts will pick 3 favorites from entries to get a Judges Choice prize pack
4) Tweet as many pictures as you’d like for the Judges Choice contest!
5) Remaining prizes will be drawn by randomizer with all people who submitted at least one picture automatically gaining an entry
6) There is just one raffle entry per Twitter handle. You can tweet as many  pictures as you’d like, but still just one RAFFLE entry per HANDLE
7) Entries accepted up to 11:59PM PDT Sunday August 17, 2014
If you’re looking for examples of photos, check out the #GenCant2014 hashtag – there’s a lot of fun ones in the spirit of the contest.
Prizes will be random. Some prizes may be collected into a prize bundle at the organizers’ discretion. Some will be available to the US only and some will be available Internationally. Prize items will be annotated to indicate if they’re US only or Int’l. If a prize item does not indicate Int’l Available then assume it is US only! We are still gathering the prize list which will be posted separately. If you’d like to donate to the prize pool, please email GenCant2014@gmail.com
Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm, humor, and community spirit. Here’s to GenCant!
Questions? Email GenCant2014@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “#GenCant2014 CONTEST DETAILS

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  4. I’m not sure if this caused any other attendees trouble, but I couldn’t connect to the wifi at Gen Can’t 2014 until this morning. Any chance my entry will be accepted? My twitter handle is @dcuesta111.


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