#GenCantContest – Prize Allocation

In the interest of getting prizes out sooner than later, prizes have been allocated to the winners who have contacted me. The list is below. As a reminder, prizes were allocated RANDOMLY only taking  into account your physical location (US vs Int’l) per donors’ shipping requirements.

Also – as a special EXTRA bonus. Foxtrot Games is offering a free early Print-and-Play version of their upcoming “Lanterns: The Harvest Festival” to all winners. Links will be emailed.

I will be working today and tomorrow to (via email) ensure the donors know the name and address of their respective winner to fulfill their prize delivery.


Thank you!

#GenCantContest – WINNERS

Thank you again to EVERYONE who participated in the #GenCantContest. The donors, the entries, the community – it’s been phenomenal and once again proved that board gamers are the best.



https://twitter.com/CPfenton/status/499839673779634176 @CPfenton
https://twitter.com/thechriscormier/status/499653592559538176 @thechriscormier
https://twitter.com/SteveInDenmark/status/499988801041993728/photo/1 @steveindenmark



https://twitter.com/WhoWhatWhyCast/status/500718612970496000 @WhoWhatWhyCast




(If you’d like to see how raffle winners were selected, I taped the drawing and you can view it here: http://youtu.be/zTSFj3bh-VE )


If you were a lucky winner, please send an email to GenCant2014@gmail.com with your name and mailing address. 

If I do NOT receive an email from you by 8/25, a new winner will be drawn to replace your spot. 

Please note: prizes for the prize packs are being sent from multiple locations, so arrival may vary.


Thank you again everyone!


Prize Packs

After much deliberation, individual prizes have been grouped into Prize Packs. The Judge’s Choice packs were weighted a bit more heavily with the new games out of GenCon. The good news is: due to the generosity of our community, there are now 20 (yes, TWENTY.) raffle prize packs and one extra Honorable Mention. Not too shabby for an unplanned social media generated board gaming unconvention!

The prize packs are shown below. Winners will be announced Tuesday or Wednesday (sorry for the wait – I know many of you are eager to see if your lucky number is drawn.)


Thank you!!!


After much combing through #GenCantContest entries, below are The Committee’s selects for semi-finalists. From these submissions, the judges will pick THREE winners. Everyone who does not win Judges Choice will still be eligible for the raffle.

Thank you for such amazing creativity with images and words. These pictures made us laugh, “awww, ” and go “hmmm…” Our community is full of awesome – and hopefully you see that reflected below.

Pictures are posted in no particular or meaningful order.


boardgameduel Boardgamin chrischeese83 CPfenton D6Sean echo354 FarmerLenny FeedMySheep HaiKujo HaiKujo2 Hann_Boe joedarts317 jononelson17 JuegaMeseros MarkPacey MClark2020 mholzma MinoIllusionist moefantasci mrs_ook OakleafGames phillier937 R4Y6UN Sarcastic_Robot skymon3k SmashingPlastic snicholson starkitten_s SteveinDenmark thechriscormier VacaBCK watcher_969 wayneong77 WhoWhatWhyCast

Last day for the #GenCantContest

Thank you to everyone  who has submitted a photo for the #GenCantContest. They’ve ranged from images from the showroom floor to some truly unique cosplay. I hope everyone has enjoyed the conversation and humor of our UnConvention.

Due to the volume of prizes received, we will be grouping them into prize packs. At this time the plan is:

3 x Judges Choice. The Committee is reviewing all the submissions and we will vote up our top 3 favorites. Those GenCanters will each get a prize pack.

10 x Raffle. EVERYONE who submitted at least one photo to #GenCantContest will have ONE entry in the raffle. Twitter handles will be assigned a number and a random.org will be used to draw 10 winners. Prize packs will be allocated at random but location (i.e. US vs WW) will be taken into account.


We will work through this process as fast as possible, but please note – we will likely not announce winners until Tuesday (at the earliest) primarily due to your organizer’s schedule limitations. (Sorry!)

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have at GenCant2014@gmail.com


Games Schedule

Want to make the most of your #GenCant2014 experience? Well – get some gaming in!

We’ve set up a thread on http://www.boardgamegeek.com for you to have conversations longer than 140 characters, set up virtual games, or just share your #GenCant2014 stories.



Hopefully soon we’ll have our own GenCant Guild on BGG!


A few ideas for games:

Skype – set up the game with a friend using Skype to communicate & webcams to share game boards/cards/dice rolles

Apps – connect on your tablet or phone using digital board games that allow you to connect with other gamers via the app

WWW – there are some great websites that let you game virtually with others. Try Board Game Arena or Yucata.de to start!

Vassal – it’s a thing. I don’t know how to use it. But it looks awesome!